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About Us

Our company SABMATIC has been operating for more than 25 years specifically in the fields of Power Supply. Our main branch is located in Lebanon our factory in Taiwan and now we have our branch in Dubai.

Mission & Vision

Our main aim is to provide strength and safety of material wherein we used sophisticated equipment guaranteed with a high standard of technology in the electro power system sector. Aside from that, we have also three main aims to our valuable customers in supplying advanced products. These are Technology, Reliability and giving full and particular attention to details to meet their requirements as well as their satisfaction. We are also proud to say that SABMATIC is firmly established as a leading company in these fields and well known abroad and consisting of professional engineers & technicians in addition to a well – oriented marketing staff. Our company is also considered as one of the leading companies that can offer a great variety of equipment, materials and services, these ranging from mobile equipment to complex fixed systems, from engineering to on – site erection, customer assistance for maintenance, repair and upgrading Product Standards & Conformations.

Our Activities

Our company activities are conducted to the most demanding international codes and standards on both construction and quality assurance. Also, we assure you that our offered products from our suppliers are well – known brands, registered and approved, and all are under the international protocols for the measures and installations. We can also provide various competitive products and pricing without jeopardizing peoples life and property.