AP Series – Intelligent Faradic Electrical Manostat, Industrial 3Phase AVR


Key Points

AP Series – Industrial 3Phase AVR

  • Voltage stabilizing Range: Rated input voltage -20% (On customer’s demand)
  • Output Voltage: 220V, 380V, 440V (On customer’s demand)
  • Voltage stabilizing Ratio: +/-1%
  • Output Precision: +0.5%
  • Adjustable Service Efficiency: >98%
  • Reaction Time: <=0.1S(5 Cycles)
  • Working Frequency: 50/60HZ -10%
  • Wave Distortion: No distortion on sine wave Heat
  • Emission: Dry fan cooling
  • Heat Emission: Oil cooling up to 300KVA

Key Features

  • Made according to the theory of electromagnetic induction
  • No touch, no carbon brush abrasion, no sparkle
  • Low failure rate, high safety, no maintenance and change
  • Making use of magnetic field deflection to stabling voltage
  • No phase skipping, linear voltage regulation
  • No tap surging, no wave form mutation
  • Overcoming the defect of digital silicon control machine
  • Digital control precision can reach +- 1%
  • Auto detection and alarm for overvoltage, undervoltage, loss phase, reversed phase
  • Standard by-pass switch
  • Powerful eletromagnetic switch can automatically cut off output to protect load
  • Wave form distortion No wave form distortion

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications