ELD – Emergency Landing Device for Elevators



Emergency Landing Device

It’s a device guarantees the return of the cabinet to the nearest floor & reopening the door in rope lift system, in the event of main power failure. Also in case of power problem with the lift itself, it can be installed with any type of control panel it functions with sealed lead acid batteries and does not require any maintenance.
The ELD device comes into operation a few seconds after main power failure occurs. If the lift is a floor, ELD simply open the cabinet door. If the lift is blocked between two floors ELD turns in the direction that requires the least expenditures of current and brings the car to the floor level. At this point door reopening is commanded. When this operation has been completed, ELD cuts out automatically.

Key Points

  • Model: ELD 15K & ELD 25K
  • Motor Capacity: 15HP/11KW & 25HP/18.5KW
  • Input DC Voltage: 60VDC
  • Input AC Voltage: 220V AC
  • Output Frequency: 5-15 HZ for ELD
  • Current : 24 – 60A max fused

Key Features

  • A complete backup solution for rope lift system
  • LCD or LED controlled supervision (REV-6)
  • Smart real time sensor for direction control
  • Multi-LED board indicator for easy maintenance low battery protection system
  • Isolated outputs for board security
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Overload management system for heavy loads
  • Completely micro processed (response time<1microsecond)
  • Fast programmation for easy adaptation
  • Start timer/Door timer/General timer(time out)
  • Smart CPU Control
  • The fan & lamp of elevator auto turn on once power off
  • Easy to install

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications