VVVF – AC Motor Drive


Key Points

VVVF – Variable Voltage Variable Frequency
AC Motor Drive (TDS-V8 SERIES)

  • Sensorless Vector control with auto tuning system
  • Standard LED operator
  • Communication function: RS-485 installed (MODBUS) protocol.
  • Frequency control ranges from 0.1 Hz to 400Hz with resolution of 0.01 Hz.
  • Two set of anological output interface. Each provides 11 individual analogical signals setting.
  • PID Control, Simple PLC function, Energy saving, Multiple Frequency Pulse Output.
  • Auto torque boost, slip compensation.

Key Features

  • Main power voltage: 380~440VAC
  • Assistance voltage: 220V A
  • Start way: dry contact point
  • Work frequency: 50~60Hz ± 5%
  • Maximum peak voltage: 600V or 1200V~1600V
  • Start time (speed time): 1~40 sec.
  • Start torque: 100%~500%

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications